Shahid Afridi Achivements

today article is about the achievements of the most talented person in the history of cricket yes we are going to talk about the Shahid Afridi. Shahid was born on March 1st, 1980 in Pakistan and he’s married to the lovely Nadia Afridi
probably his most prized possession of all are his four daughters


Shahid began playing cricket when he was 11 years old and he was 16 years old when he made his official debut in an ODI and that’s what began his rise to fame because of his aggressive batting style Shaheed managed to start building a very huge fan base for himself not just in his home country of Pakistan but around the world people love this guy notices his fans also as boom boom Afridi  holds the record for the fastest century in one day international cricket 100 runs in just 37 ball and that was made in his debut

32 runs in a single over that’s the second highest scoring over ever in an ODI however in the year 2014 that record was broken by a New Zealand cricket player Corey Anderson but it was a huge achievement for shaking it anyway but here 2010 he began captaining Pakistan’s national team but his career as successful though it may have been had also seen its fair share of controversies the senior he had a fallout with the Pakistani cricket board and retired conditionally although he was back on board shortly

Ball Tempering :
he was found guilty of ball tampering when he was caught biting the ball in an ODI against Australia he received a ban for two T 20s after that he’s also been criticized for his lack of quality performance several years ago but Shahid Afridi silenced his criticsin the 2014 Asian Cup and that’s where he delivered outstanding performances back to back like a mission
Awards :
he’s won the man of the match award many times he holds the record for taking the most number of wicked as captain in t20 eyes and that number is 40 he also holds a record for the best bowling figures as a captain in a t20
Money and Cars:
net worth is currently estimated to be around 40 million dollars and a large portion of his income also comes from endorsement his the portfolio includes brands like PepsiCo and Head & Shoulders among many others
and of course, being one of the most famous cricket players in the world Shahid Afridi likes to travel in style like when you take a look at his car like he has Bentley GT Speed Continental convertible BMW x5 he’s got a Porsche Panamera in there as well as a Mazda Rx-8 and can’t forget about his Range Rover
Shahid Afridi Cars:
bike election Shahid Afridi has a Suzuki Hayabusa a Yamaha v-star 650 Harley-Davidson v-rod bike it uses
Harley Davidsons 1247 CC v-twin revolution engine so those are some of Shahid Afridi greatest accomplishment
and let me know down below in the comment section what athlete do you love
My Opinion:
I have never seen someone like Shahid Afridi with millions of fans and zero haters


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