History Of Virat Kohli

so today we are talking about one of the biggest players in all of the cricket a man who is loved by many and
Also,  liked by his rivals today yeah we are going discuss the life of Virat Kohli a man with million
of followers from all around the world, He was listed as the fastest cricket player to score more than
20 centuries in an ODI Match and for him to complete that task it took him only a hundred and thirty-three innings to do so and the only person To have that record before he was Sachin Tendulkar who did it in? 197 innings
Boy But why is this guy so good well, first of all, he’s committed to his craft and in 2006 he showed his commitment to flying colors This is because he was with the Delhi


Virat Business :

let’s step away from his sports for a second and let’s talk about some of his cool Brand deals that he has Brad Cooley has made millions from his brand deals, and one of the best deals that he had was in 2014 when Virat Kohli signed with American appraisal his brand that year was estimated to be worth fifty-six million United States dollars that’s impressive and because of that he was the fourth most popular and profitable brand celebrity in India and by 2016 this guy had so many brand deals just coming out the wazoo as a matter of fact He had over thirteen brand deals And it wasn’t small brands there were big ones like Pepsi outie Adidas Vicks, Herbalife. You name it He’s pretty much endorsed it But the thing that’s great about Virat Kohli is the money doesn’t just go to his head and doesn’t just go to him Because he’s also a very charitable man as a matter of fact
He has done a lot for charities And he is the founder of his charity with his name the Brad The coalition is a charity that aims to help underprivileged kids They’re getting them great events healthcare or education for these children and because of all these brand deals and all these great opportunities and his bcc

My Opinion :
virat Kohli is one of the most dangerous players Indian team ever have we all
know that he is the candidate for captain after Dhoni but I think that he does
not have leadership qualities there is a huge difference between being a good captain
and batsman in India Virat is known as the Shahid Afridi in Pakistan but the
whole Indian team is dependent on one Virat Kohli which is not a good thing

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