Who is Shahid Afridi For Pakistan ?

so today article is about Shahid Afridi many people know him as boom boom but if you don’t know
him then don’t worry I am here so let’s start it many of his fans is lovingly known by his nickname boom boom
Afridi which people of Pakistan have given him he’s taken his nickname so
seriously that these words can be seen inscribed on his back he’s also referred
to as a Lala by his close friends as well as his teammates


he’s modeled himself after the famous leg spinner Abdul Qadir and he considers
himself to be a better bowler than a batmen called him down the slope he’s announced his
retirement from Test cricket in 2006 to focus on his limited-overs career Afridi then made a comeback to the test team in 2010 however following a string of low scores once more Afridi then announced that he was under pressure from his family to call it quits with the world t20 2016 that was coming up real soon
okay let’s talk about a big hit a a little bit now over the years Shahid Afridi has risen in the ranks in an
the era when a pinch hitter was used to add an impulsive increase to the scoring rate although he’s much more established now Afridi had little control over his
urge to swing at the cricket ball every a single time he’s up at bat a fraidy on the charge Afridi smashed 141 against India in Chennai making him the youngest ever person to score a century against India Afridi he has some serious style he was named the most stylish sportsman of the year in 2007 as well as in 2011 by the lux corporation he was awarded on both occasions at the lux style award going back in time into his earlier days
of his career, Shahid Afridi made his Test debut against Australia in Karachi back in 1998 Shahid Afridi is a humble and down to earth person he just loves fast things  he has the spirit to do something for Pakistan and I think he is still struggling with it
Food :
if we talk about food then Shahid Afridi just love to eat a spicy type of food
Shahid Afridi Foundation :
he established the shahid afridi Foundation which aims to provide healthcare and education facilities in
Pakistan please support the Ender child a foundation doing great work on health and education
My Opinion :
I have never seen such a cool batsman in  my entire he is more than the hero of Pakistan he does incredible things for
pakistan we will never forget his efforts for pakistan shahid afridi is my favorite player I just watch cricket because of him he is unpredictable kindly give your honest opinion about shahid afridi in the comment section

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