Top 2 Bowlers in pakistan

1: Shoaib Akhtar
shoaib akhtar is one of the most dangerous player of this century he has done many incredible things for pakistani cricket team he is also known as rawalpindi express the most brilliant players feel fear to play shoaib akhtar ball he is well known in the world of cricket beacuse of his physique shoaib akhtar life is not less then a film shoaib akhtar belong to a poor family in one interview he say that cricket ground is far away from his house and he even did not afford the luggage of a bus to reach the ground but shoaib akhtar has the spirit to do something in his life in this way he really work hard to achive success majid khan introduce shoaib akhtar on international level when the newzeland coach john wright see the game of shoaib akhtar he say that one day shoaib akhtar will become a star beacuse he sees the spirit to do something in shoaib akhtar eyes we all know that shoaib akhtar foots are flat and experts say that the person with a falt foots will never become a good athlete but shaib akhtar prove them wrong so he is also the inspiration for many peoples finaly a day come when shoaib akhtar leave behid every one in his speed and make a record to do bolling in fastest speed ever we will never forget the efforts of shoaib akhtar for pakistani cricket team he is our hero and no in the world will replace shoaib akhtar we are proud to have a legend like shoaib akhtar
2: Muhammad Amir
muhammad amir has the skill to inswing new ball very few bowlers in the history know how to do this muhammad amir is one of them muhammad amir belongs to a poor family but from his child hood he just love to play cricket according to muhammad amir his faviourate cricketr is wassem akram he say that when ever he see wasim akram on tv he always try to copy that style of wasim akram thats why many cricket experts say that he is the second wasim akram of pakistan muhammad amir say that he is here only beacuse of his hard work and passion for the cricket the person who introduces him in the international cricket is also wasim akram when wasim akram look at the bowling style of muhammad amir he impress with him and decided to take him the pakistan cricket team his fastest bowling speed is 145 kmph pakistani cricket board ban muhammad amir in 2010 for 5 years beacuse of spot fixing it was really the hard time for muhammad amir and also for pakistani cricket team beacuse we did not have any good bowler like him but he will remain in the hearts of pakistani peoples we will never forget his bowling in his interview he said that he is ashmed of spot fixing


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