pakistan vs india who will win in worldcup ?

The match between Pakistan and India is on 16 June both teams are looking forward win that match Javed mian dad say that we should have to work hard hard to win this match otherwise there is no chance to win that match we know that the pressure is on both sides but there is a lot of pressure on sarfarz Ahmed to win that match because Pakistan is unable to win any match from India in world cup.


when any of player make his place in the team just because of his batting then it is easy for him to do captaincy and the same condition is of Virat kholi we all know that Virat kholi is number one bowler of the world this time and only because of his good batting he can make a place in any team of the world eleven matches are played between India and Pakistan and all of them are in the hand of India

Amit Bhandari Views On Match :
we all know that Pakistan is in trouble because of match with India and many things are not in your hand so the nowadays Pakistan is facing that situation we all know that there is more criticism in Pakistan then India to achieve strong character you should have to perform  Virat kholi is one of them who can control the whole team and also has abilities to perform well so we have the person with strong character while on other hand Pakistan does not have a single player like this so it is the plus point of India we can say that Virat kholi is the big winning factor in Indian cricket team we know that Virat kholi is in his form and it is the good thing for India

My opinion :
but according to me Indian team should not put burden on Virat because if the burden is on one person then then Indian team can surely face difficulties if the players like Dhoni did not perform well l then definitely the pressure is on Virat kholi which I think is not a good thing so we can say that team effort is required to win the world cup otherwise there are many examples in front of us Virat kholi is also a normal human being but there are a lot of expectations from him to perform his best in the world cup 2019

Suspense Between Pakistan/India Match :
we all know that is the first cricket battle between Pak and India after Pulwama so I think that the suspense is on its peak best of luck to both of teams for the upcoming world cup

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