Top 5 Batsman In Pakistan

1: Shahid Afridi
Pakistani cricket is incomplete without this legend it is not wrong if you say that Shahid Afridi is the Soul of Pakistani cricket team many of peoples from Pakistan just watch cricket because of Shahid Afridi he is famous with the name of boom boom in Pakistan the reason behind saying boom boom to Afridi is that the hitter of Pakistani cricket team he always try to play some long shots instead of one or two runs he is the asset of Pakistani cricket team we will never forget him
2: Younis Khan
Younis Khan is considered as one of the most intelligent players in the Pakistani cricket team because he knows what to do where to do and how to do Pakistan will never forget his efforts for Pakistani cricket team he is humble and down to earth person
3: Misbah
misbah is a multitalented person Misbah father is a principal of a school but unfortunately he died when Misbah was a child so Misbah should have to work hard to achieve success he is among the most successful captains he is also known as tuk-tuk of Pakistan I have never seen such a calm batsman in my entire life he is opposite to Afridi that’s why he is the best for test matches
the thing which people like most in him is that he can play under pressure conditions does not matter for him he always tries his best to play his natural game
4: Javed Mian dad
javed mean dad is the most talented player Pakistani team ever had he is the copy of younas khan he did many unpredictable things in his cricket carrier one of them is a six on the last ball against India he also has the honor to score highest runs in the test matches as a Pakistani player that time nowadays Younis Khan has that honor we will never forget his services for Pakistan
5: Imran Khan
his full name is Imran Khan Niazi he is the biggest cricketer of his generation and I think the first prime minister to win the cricket world cup basically Imran khan belongs to a rich

family so there is no pressure on him to do something for his family but he really want to do something for his country when Imran Khan was the kid he just love to fly kites in young age Imran Khan was the captain of his college cricket team


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