Top 5 bowlers in india

we all know that bowling is the backbone of every team does not matter how you play but if your bowling is good then you can easily achieve success so today we are going to discuss top five best bowlers in the Indian cricket team
1: Zaheer Khan
we all know that the Zaheer Khan is among one of the most talented persons in the Indian cricket team the which peoples like most in him is that he can easily swing any ball we all know that it is really hard to swing new ball but Zaheer Khan has the natural to swing it he knows well that what he is doing with the ball it is not wrong if you say that he is the next Wasim Akram or Waqar Younis of the history India should give him a chance in the world cup 2019 he will not disappoint them according to me
2: Bhuvaneshwar Kumar
India need some young players in their team because a young talent can serve more then old one the person who knows little bit about cricket should know him because he has the ability to change the pace of bowl he understands the condition of the pitch and then bowls according to it that’s why he is a famous bowler
3: Anil Kumble
it is not wrong if we say Anil Kumble is the king of spin we will never forget the services of Anil Kumble new generation should have to know about him no one can be replaced by Anil Kumble he play his last match in 2007 one there was a time when Anil Kumble was one among one of those players who take most wickets no one will replace him
4: Kapil Dev
kapil dev is famous in India as well as in Pakistan we all know Kapil dev as an allrounder he is the best pace bowler India has ever had it is not wrong if we say that he is the diamond of India many of people start watching cricket just because of Kapil dev behind the success of Kapil dev there is a lot of hard words nothing else the work he has done for Indian cricket team is really incredible no one even think to do such a type of work in his dream
5 : Amit Mishra
amit Mishra is the great leg spinner India have Amit Mishra always says that his family play an important role in his success he can never achieve this much respect without the support of his family although his family was not that much rich they always try to support Amit Mishra
My Opinion
it is really difficult for us to select top 5 bowlers from thousand of fantastic bowlers but we select all of them on the opinion of public hope so you like the article don’t forget to give your opinion you think that someone else is better than them then tell us we will also add him in the list


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