virat kohli vs sachin tendulkar Who is Better ?

According To Dhoni


Dhoni says that I have always believed not to compare individuals the reason being that they are
lot of that is very different you know especially comparing two peoples who played in different
eras  though the game has envolved a lot if you talk about only about the odis what has to happen is the laws you know they keep changing the laws it is not like what they used to play ten or fifteen years back the rules are the
same a lot of the rules have changed t20 format coming in the approach of the bat’s man has changed the approach of the bowlers have changed two seventy-one has considered a safe score now three forty is getting chase down

so that the reason I always felt it’s better not to compare individual but you can admire the best you know that Sachin was by far the best batsman that I have personally seen when its come to the worst
ethics you know both Virat and Sachin they were just brilliant whenever they would turn up for the next session you know they would try to get something out of it

you know something productive even if its the worst of facilities or even its raining you know they will try to get something positive out of it and at the same time fitness if you see the Sachin the way he kept himself fit for more then 20 years you know when he was playing international cricket is just amazing and the same the thing with Virat when he is in prime form fitness and he is looking forward to ten years and he is preparing from now so I feel both of them are very special I would not compare because it’s difficult for me to pick one individual but if I have to have to say something then I say that India is blessed that both of them play for us
My views on Sachin vs Virat
I think I go with Dhoni because both of them are legends of India and India won a lot of matches because of them but the problem here is that nowadays we are ignoring Sachin Tendulkar and I think the reason behind it is that he is not that much stylish as Virat sachin is not that much much much stylish and he is the person who did not do that much show off as Virat it is not wrong if we say that they both are the asset of the Indian cricket team

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