why csk lost

mumbai Indians won ipl fourth time by beating Chennai super kings from one run and become the most successful team of ipl


What Dhoni Say on Losing match :
after the match has been over Dhoni talk about the performance of the team and he say that he is satisfied with the performance of team and this is the good season for us but we have to check that why we make mistakes we know that this match is between good and best so we are still motivated that we play good but not that much there are small mistakes we should have to look at our small mistakes and learn from it for future
This season is Not That much Good For us:
Dhoni said that if you ask me that this season is good for us or not then obviously I say no because we did many small mistakes in the start of this ipl season which leads to big problems at the end so we will try our best to not to repeat those mistakes
What Dhoni say about middle order in ipl
Dhoni says that our middle order did not play well in the whole season but we still try our best in all matches and won the matches

What Dhoni say about bowlers :
dhoni say that there is no doubt that our bowlers play an important role in the whole season and it is not wrong if I say that we are in final just because of the bowlers we look forward at the mistakes of this season and try our best to cover them
My opinion :
none of the players in Chennai team is successful in staying on the wicket which is really a bad thing for Chennai This team comes in final eight times but they only win three times so Chennai should have to think that what is the main reason that there are not managed to win best of luck to the dhoni and Mumbai Indians for the future hope so that they are not going to repeat their previous mistakes
important role :
mumbai Indian won the last match just because of Malinga so in this sense, Malinga plays an important role but again all this is possible just because of teamwork Malinga is nothing without its team and team is nothing without Malinga so in this sense this all is possible just because of hard work and teamwork of the Mumbai Indians

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