MI vs CSK Who Will Win IPL 2019

mumbai is ready with all of their players is there is a chance that Chennai defeat them it is the biggest question of today both teams are ready to defeat each other so today we are going to discuss about the match of CSK vs MI so the first thing we should have to do here is to compare both teams we all know that mi won last match and Rohit Kumar really perform well in this match so now lets discuss about the bowling because we all know that bowling can change the whole game Malinga is one of the best bowler owned by MI 


Now let’s discuss the CSK so we all know that csk lost his last match just because of some basic mistakes Dhoni did not play well in that match but Duplecy really play well in that match so now let’s discuss about the bowling of CSK which is really poor

Winning Criteria According To  Matches

if we discuss the last 5 matches of Chennai and Mumbai then CSK win only one match while MI win only one match but when we talk about the whole IPL then Mumbai Indians play fourteen matches till now and they win nine matches and lose 5 matches

Now let’s discuss the Chennai they play fourteen matches till now and they win nine matches and lose 5 matches

so according to stat both of them are equal in the match winning and losing ratio both of them play 28 matches against each other in those matches MI win 16 matches while csk win 12 matches so we can see that all the thing are in the favor Mumbai Indians

we all know that both of teams try they best reach in finals so it is the competition between good and best all the things I discuss above is on the base of the stats so read the article and decide that which team is best and don’t forget to give you valuable suggestion

Again best of luck to both teams

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