Why Rohit Sharma Is The Best Captain After Dhoni

it is wrong if we say that the person who is good in batting will become the successful captain in the team there are many examples in front of us peoples sometime ask that why should we make Rohit Sharma captain i just want to ask them one question that why should we not make Rohit Sharma captain we all know that Virat is more famous then Rohit Sharma but being famous does not mean that we make anyone captain we only the captain who can take wise decisions he did not even need to play practice matches to prove himself
Leadership qualities
A captain should have leadership qualities he should have to handle difficult situations without any pressure and Rohit Sharma have all these qualities situation does not matter for him he always try to remain calm as Dhoni we will never forget the decision of Rohit Sharma to give a chance to Bhuvneshwar who will not perform well in the recent matches but because of Rohit Sharma he come back in the team and prove himself that he has the potential to stay in the team
Difficult Situations
Rohit Sharma will never disappoint his fans as he can easily handle pressure and we all know that Indian team need someone like Dhoni and according to graph Rohit Sharma can only take the position of Dhoni Why not Virat we all know that Virat is the best batsman and he does many things for Indian cricket team but we need someone who is good in all aspects I am not saying that Virat is not good basically it is the competition between best and better
According to IPL
we all know that IPL helps a lot to make tough decisions very easily so according to IPL the winning percentage of Rohit Sharma team is much better then Virat Kohli means to say that he is better than Dhoni
nonserious attitude
virat is a little bit nonserious then Rohit Sharma many people ask me how so here is the answer that you may see that after making a century Virat give a flying kiss to Anushka which I personally think is unethical and nonprofessional thing while on hand Rohit Sharma did not do all these things


We all know that Virat kholi is more famous then Rohit Sharma because of Virat Kohli aggressive batting style but if we talk about the skills then Rohit Sharma got more skills then Virat Kohli but he did not do show off as Virat kholi

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