Why Dhoni is The Best Captain in Cricket world

Dhoni is the best captain because i think he has all leadership qualities which a leader should have he come and join the captaincy at that stage where no one wants to be the captain because they know that it was the big responsibility at that stage dhoni come forward to take the responsibility of captaincy Dhoni did many mistakes in his entire carrier but the great leader and a man to learn from his mistakes Dhoni did the same thing. The thing which I like most about the dhoni is that he did not take the pressure that much as other captains.


india won a lot of tough matches under the captaincy of the dhoni ninety percent of Indians think that this is only possible just because of the decisions of Dhoni in the history of cricket Dhoni make some unbelievable records that’s why every person in India love him and every person in the world who know a little bit about the cricket should know that he is among the great captains of world Dhoni was not that much rich when he was the kid his mother was working for a local company that time his mother tell that Dhoni is the big fan of the John Ibraheem

in start dhoni start working as employee in a railway station but later he knows that he was born to become a cricketer then he left the job in railway station and decided to give the full focus on cricket he tries very hard to become the part of Indian cricket team as you guys know that hard work always pays off Dhoni is not only the captain of Indian cricket team he was the inspiration from million of peoples around the world because Dhoni gives us lesson to follow your passion and work hard until you achieve your goals we all know that it was not that much easy but we should try again and again Dhoni has won millions of hearts through humbleness he is very down to earth person dhoni story is full of inspirations

According to the Indian cricket team members he always supports their juniors and encourages them to do something for their Indian cricket team Dhoni try his best to give a chance to youngsters

Dhoni has the ability to read the brain of others he knows what to do and where to do so the ninety percent of Indian team relay on him to take the decisions because they know that Dhoni always take the decision which is good for the Indian team is nothing without him you can say that he is the backbone of the Indian team dhoni earnings are in millions but he never shows off as I already said above that he is very humble and down to earth person that was the main reason why Indian people and the people from all around the world love him and give him respect from the core of their heart

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